Point of Sale


Everything your point of sales needs

Odoo POS is based on an intelligent interface that any retail company can use without any difficulty. Since it is extremely flexible, you can configure it to suit your specific needs.

Optimal for all types of commercial premises, restaurants and hardware stores.

You can turn your cell phone into a point of sale.

Compatible with any hardware

No specific hardware or installation is required.

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Both online and offline

The point of sale does not stop working even if your connection fails.

Set up new stores quickly and easily with an Internet connection. You can then use your point of sale anywhere, anytime.

Although an Internet connection is required to start the point of sale, it will continue to function even if the connection is completely cut off.

Stay in touch with your customers

And get them back thanks to loyalty programs.

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Reward your loyal customers with points, gifts and discounts with Odoo's loyalty programs. The process is fast and can be fully automatic. Identifying your customers is even faster with loyalty cards and consumer identification barcodes.

Register your customers to track their consumption habits. You can send them special offers and sale notices with Odoo Mailing. Record your business customers' tax IDs and issue your invoices instantly (or email them).

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Barcode scanner

PDV will work with most barcode scanners, connected directly to your computer.

Bluetooth barcode scanners and network receipt printers are natively supported.

Of all barcode scanners, we recommend the Honeywell Eclipse product line. They are compatible with the IoT box. If you connect them directly to your PC, it must be configured to use the distribution of your

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Cash registers

No IoT box required

The App operates with any EPSON cash register. It must be connected through the receipt printer.

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Weight balance

IoT box required

The IoT box allows the PDV to be integrated with electronic scales. The weight of the product is read in real time from the balance to your POS.

We can develop new drivers on demand

¿What is the IoT box?

The multi-platform hardware solution.

The IoT Box is a small device that allows you to use the same certified USB peripherals for points of sale with any device (PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android). In addition to making it easy to set up, it also reduces your costs.

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Link with other Apps

Our platform allows you to integrate with our 450 Apps for companies. Depending on the operation, the modules to be used and integrated are proposed. The easiest and most versatile system today. Ask for more Business App


Manage your inventory with barcode and supply rules.


Loyalty to your customers through SMS messages and promotions and prizes.


Make online sales safely.


Avoid double work, our system is integrated


Get leads and build customer loyalty through emailing.


Set salary and commission rules, use touch system for inputs and outputs.


Electronic or printed invoicing, consult our printers.


Easy to update information, 100% responsive.


Record all business possibilities for follow-up.

More than 50,000 companies use Odoo to grow their businesses

Join us and make your company a better place.